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The Reindeer VS. E. A. Ster Book

There's a new twist in the Springtime tradition. Santa's 8 reindeer enjoyed the good feelings of giving reindeer gifts in The Reindeer Gift: A Fun, Easy Christmas Tradition so much that they want to try to keep the good times rolling. There isn't much for the reindeer to do during Spring, and giving gifts is the best fun they have found. They decide to start a Spring reindeer present believing that kids will find this tradition quite pleasant. But Mr. E.A. Ster feels hes decorated eggs are quite sufficient and does not appreciate the appearance of Christmas gifts, toys, and letters during his special time. Will the reindeer hide a Spring gift for you? Or will E.A. Ster bunny win the game and protect his Springtime egg hiding name? You decide who wins each year by voting at Be sure to keep track of the winner each year in the back of your book as part of your fun, Family Springtime tradition!

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Dasher talks to the other reindeer about hiding gifts in the spring
the bunny looks down at a Christmas gift with a puzzled look on his face
E. A. Ster tells the reindeer that he will find all their gifts next year