"I'm so tired I could die!"
Throughout the office rose this cry
Although sleepwalking was the norm
This howl forecast a coming storm

We gathered for an office meet
To review our status sheet
The blood inside me slowly chilled
As I saw bad-temper build

One worker drew her verbal gun,
"Oh wow!  You finally got that done?
I think I just saw pigs fly by"
Only snark would satisfy

"Your hair looks really fun today
Like seaweed floating in a bay"
At this retort, all hell broke loose
And others tossed their snarky noose

"You make that dress look super fine
Was it bought at Five and Dime?"
"Is your beau the baby's dad?
Oh, you're not pregnant?  Oops! My bad"

"What charge code is it that you use
To lean back in your chair and snooze?"
"It's great that you can collect pay
To stand around and talk all day"

The snarkiness swirled to and fro
It was a monster snarknado
I did the one thing I was able
I dove beneath the meeting table

In the shade, to my surprise
I met my supervisor's eyes
"I think I dropped my pen," he said
His whispered voice was filled with dread

We huddled there without a word
Not believing what we heard
The cyclonic spin of hate
Gradually did dissipate

The lesson here you all should know
Are warning signs of snarknado
More sleep will have a good affect
And help you treat all with respect