Erma Gerd! It's Erma Gerd!

Franny Floogle met a man
His name was Gary Gerd
They fell in love and married
And quickly made a third

They had a baby daughter
And for a name conferred
They finally reached consensus
And named her Erma Gerd

Erma Gerd grew quickly
And entered into school
But got confused at hearing
Her name used as a tool

“Erma Gerd!” kids shouted
“I failed a test today”
“Erma Gerd! I fell in gym”
“Erma Gerd! Monday!”

“Why is it that you yell my name?”
Erma asked a boy
When she told him what it was
He hooted with pure joy

“Her name is Erma! Erma Gerd!”
The beastly boy announced
A circle quickly gathered
And upon the girl they pounced

“Erma Gerd! It’s Erma Gerd!”
The kids all howled with glee
Erma was delighted
“This is all for me”

She could have been offended
But instead took it in stride
She made the good decision
To wear her name with pride

We all face circumstances
Of challenges and strife
A positive perspective
Makes for a happy life