Ah, Irony

It's ironic that my website makes it look like I've been on a luxuriously long vacation. The truth could not be further. I've actually been too busy to update my website!

After Occoquan, VA I signed books at:

11/28/15 - Harrisburg East Mall (and read to a sizable crowd!)

12/2 - 6/15 - Harrisburg Gift Show at the Farm Show Complex

12/12 - 13/15 - Bellefonte Victorian Christmas Show

And next I'll be making an appearance at the Lancaster Rabbit and Dragonfly from 4pm - 8p. http://www.therabbitanddragonfly.com/


Hanging on to the racing reindeer reins for dear life. Jingling Bells! Oh what fun it is =D

Patience, deer (punny ;) fans. I will regale you with stories after the reindeer decide to rest.