Elizabeth Passo is the author of three books.  Her first book, The Reindeer Gift: A Fun, Easy Christmas Tradition, has an interactive website at www.reindeergift.com and won the Holiday category of the National Indie Excellence Award.  At reader request, she wrote the sequel, The Reindeer vs E.A.Ster: A Fun, Easy Springtime Tradition, which has the same interactive website and also won the Holiday category of the National Indie Excellence Award the following year.  Her third book, a hilarious, vocab building, comic book, Birthday Party SBD, which includes a Glossary of words and definitions middle-grade students should know, placed as a Finalist in the Comic and Graphic Novel category of the National Indie Excellence Award. 

With her daughter as her primary inspiration (and who is insisting on growing up), Elizabeth has completed her first YA novel she is calling The Girl with Guns, which combines a teen, female John Wick with the intense female friendship of Fried Green Tomatoes.  During the journey that starts at a high school, includes thwarting a mass school shooting, and culminates in an action-packed road trip from Mexico, the Caucasian protagonist and African American assassin’s relationship gradually deepens.  Portrayed with a longing and sensuality rather than an objectifying sexuality, both girls are changed as a result of the deeply tender affection they find in each other, which has been missing in their lives. Elizabeth is actively seeking representation for this completed 72,000 word novel.